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Early Years

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
EARLY YEARS (2-5 years)


We start our day with story time every morning, followed by show and tell, where our children share their special or interesting things with the group. Our preschool is divided into three rooms and an outside play area. 


Room 1 has a Construction area, imaginative play area, roleplay and dressing up area, music area and a rolling self-serving snack area.

Room 2 has an arts and craft area, sand, water and messy play areas such as malleable and paint sections.

Room 3 has an ICT area, maths area and literacy area with a quiet corner for comfy reading. 

The curriculum we follow is The Early Years Foundation stage which is divided into three prime areas; Personal, Social and Emotional development; Communication and Language and Physical development and four specific areas; Expressive Arts and Design; Mathematics; Understanding the World and Literacy.


Room 1

This room has construction area, where they can build things using their own imagination. A favourite is big towers and houses. We also have an imaginative play area, where the children have the chance to play with things like; potato heads, pirates, barbies etc.

Room 1 also consists of the roleplay and dressing up area, where children have the opportunity to dress up as lost of different things and act their roles out. This area also has a kitchen so they can act out their family routines and feel like they are at home with certain home comforts.

We have also have a tuff tray, where daily activities are put for the children to get involved in and have some fun. 

We have a music area, which consists of lots of different instruments for the children to explore making their own sounds with a stage where they can express themselves. 

This room also contains a rolling snack area, where the children are able to go up and help themselves to as much snack as they want. This snack area contains a variety of fruit and cereal to keep them topped up throughout the day. We also provide milk and water in this area throughout the day.

Room 2

This room is a messy play room with an art area for children to express their creativity. It also has a messy play station, where the children get the opportunity to explore all kinds of malleable materials such as playdough, cornflour, slime etc... Also the children can develop knowledge in many areas whilst in the sand and/or water play. They can also make lots of crafts to take home.

Room 3

This room is all about relaxing and having a bit of quiet time in our cosy reading area. This area also has a literacy area, where they can learn their phonics using some phonics cards and play with the puppets on the theatre stand. In this room we also have many games for the children to select what they want to play with. This includes jigsaws, board games and games about our emotions. We also have our maths area, where we display a number of the week in different ways. We also have things like weighing scales, connecting squares and shapes. There is an ICT area with a desktop PC and two tablets to promote digital literacy and to get children familiar with interactive learning platforms.

Outside Play Area

We have a wonderful spacious outside area! It has increased in size and now has a new shock-proof surface, astro turf, a host of ride-on toys and  includes designated areas to promote learning: An art area, an outdoor kitchen area, a water play area, an adventure area!

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